Wednesday, January 26, 2011


no new graphic yet. but Im bored out of my life, I have nothing to do xD since most of you are my best friends.. can you give me some opinions?
well you know that im starting tsf and, i was wondering if you guys could give me tips on making it.... more fun to read?

i just saw the new post on tss, the one about the blog being boring... and i got quite scared because that blog has soooo many followers and that happened to them o_O well it's not like i don't agree, because i never read the posts, because i find them boring, this was the first one i read xD

so, yeah :) any tipsss?

Monday, January 10, 2011


the link is now

Thanks :P

Sorryyyyyy D:

Okay I have totally forgotten about this blog :O And I'm so very sorry, even though I bet most people (ut of the 12 xD) won't read this and will probably skip straight to see the graphics, but for the people who care then Ive been kinda busy with school and stuff :s

Okay Im gonna post ALL the graphics that Ive done till' this point :P

I made that one for a blog its a blog from Poland :D
Click the image to see it bigger :P

That was for NOH8 :P

Its my banner for Banner Wars, I made the banners :P Ill only post this one though cause its my favourite >:)

I soooooo hate this one D:

I made the face :P ( Not the hair) the hair was made by Yasmin *Lavsssss*

I hate the hair D: The body was made by Wooldoor :P I just wanted to make the dress :P

The first one is my latest graphic :P So....what do you think?